Cannabotech: invest in a startup that is developing a cure to colorectal cancer patients

Cannabotech is developing a breakthrough drug for the treatment of colorectal cancer - a patent-protected unique complex of phyto-cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant; and a unique extraction of a medicinal fungus.

Colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer among men and women in Israel. About 2 million patients around the world are diagnosed each year, of whom about 3,000 are in Israel. This cancer is considered to be the deadliest cancer, with a mortality rate of 40%.


Cannabotech's team is developing a new and groundbreaking solution to replace the concept of "incurable" with new hope for patients worldwide. This is your opportunity to join and become a shareholder in a company that is expected to reach phenomenal market value in just a few years.

Now is your chance to invest in this bold and groundbreaking revolution and hold shares in one of the world's most advanced biotechnology companies. Our goal is to fight cancer through innovative solutions which are expected to become viable to patients within two years.


unique patents



world-renowned professors



years of applied research in collaboration with Haifa University



young promising scientists


Cannabotech's team has been able to combine a unique extraction of a medicinal fungus with unique ingredients from the cannabis plant, and develop a medical solution to treat colorectal cancer. The solution has been successfully tested on mice under laboratory conditions and is expected to enter the clinical trial phase as soon as possible. Our breakthrough can advance cancer research considerable, and save the lives of many people all over the world.


Our solution entails an innovative complex that significantly reduces and treats the tumor, while at the same time activating the immune system so that the body can cope with the cancer and its treatment. Our team is also working on medical products for the treatment of other indications for chronic diseases such as fatty liver and unexplained sub-fertility.


Through FUNDIT’s platform, you can invest in cannabotech starting at NIS 3,000.

The amount raised will be directed to research, development, promotion and distribution of medical products and solutions that many people in the world need. The moral and economic gain will be entirely yours.

Learn more about the possibility of investing in a revolutionary pharma company. Together with you, we will pave the way for a new cure for cancer, and this is just the beginning.

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